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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do Photo Sessions take place?

I shoot on location. It can be in your back garden or home (highly recommended), a park, on your farm if you have one, or in a field! 


Where do you travel to? 

Within a 25km of Trim, Co. Meath complimentary travel is included in sessions. I travel further afield too so get in touch and let me know where you are based.
Do you sell digitals?

When you purchase your physical photographs, you will receive complimentary digital files.

Do you watermark the photos?

I no longer watermark photos.

What sizes are Framed Prints?

*Sizings are approximate*
Large 25x33 inch

Medium 24x18 Inch
Small 16x18 inch

When will I receive your photos?

Images are ready within 3 weeks.  Allow 4-6 weeks for prints / albums.

Will you Photoshop my photo?

No. Photoshop requests are €30 per image. I personally do not photoshop images. It is my passion to document real life. I can remove small things like a spot or a vein. Photoshop requests are done by a professional photo editor.

Do you provide sneak peeks?
Sneak peeks are not part of my creative process. However I have a good turnaround time.


How Many Images Will We Receive?

For outdoor sessions, family shoots etc, 'all images' means 30 images.


What if there's bad weather?

I take into account the weather forecast information on the day of the shoot or the night before. 

Do you reschedule if there's bad weather?

I will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast. You may see rain scheduled but sometimes you just don't know until the day of the session so I normally wait until then. The good news is you have a full hour slot and photos normally take 10-20 minutes so we can shelter if need be!

Why choose me?
My burning desire in this life is to make people laugh and feel incredible when they see photographs of themselves. You will receive the best photographs and the best service from me.

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